Seminar UD

Our company invites you to take an excellent opportunity to get the most up-to-date information about products of the Ultradent Inc. Company (USA) and take part in the seminar, which is conducted by the main regional manager of the Ultradent Company Olga Mencharovska. The seminar will be held in the conference hall of business center “Poytakht” 09/19/2019 at 13:00 o’clock.

Team of Jiloi Ahtar LLC.

You can sign up for a seminar on our website or contact with our sales managers.  

Seminar participants will have a chance to buy all products with 30% discount.

38th International Dental Show, Köln-Cologne, 12-16 March 2019

Our company Jiloi Ahtar LLC, in preparation for participating in the International Dental Show – IDS 2019, offer you assistance in collecting of all information you are interested in on all types of dental materials and equipment form IDS-2019.

Knowing your needs and wishes, we can much more effectively to prepare for participation in the exhibition in Cologne!

You can send all your questions and wishes to our sales representatives or send us via e-mail through the website. We will be happy to help you!

Invitation for TePe Products Presentation

One of the most pressing problems of modern dentistry is insufficiently developed oral hygiene. TePe products help in solving this problem. TePe is a privately owned Swedish company founded in 1965. They are developing, manufacturing and selling high-quality, functional products in collaboration with experts from dentistry from 60 countries. All TePe toothbrushes are developed in conjunction with dental experts. TePe toothbrushes are efficient, reliable and easy to use. As a complement to conventional toothbrushes TePe offer brushes for gentle care of dentures, dental bridges, crowns, dental cleansing crowded, tight spaces (split roots back teeth), distal the rear surface of the teeth.

On this and many other things you can find out by visiting our presentation September 5, 2018 that will be hold at the hotel Hyatt Regency at Prospect Somoni 26/1.

Beginning of the meeting 18:00.

37th international exhibition IDS-2017

And again, Cologne, and again thousands of exhibitors and manufacturers gathered at the traditional, largest dental show in the world. A lot of time and labor was invested by the company Jiloi Ahtar LLC participating in this event. I am glad that some dentists and technicians from Tajikistan also came to get acquainted with the latest products from world manufacturers of dental equipment and materials. They were able to gain new knowledge and enjoy interesting reports, live demonstrations and operations. Our company held many useful meetings and discovered new perspectives.

International Dental Exhibition 2017

On the eve of the exhibition, which will take place on 21-25 March 2017, we appeal to all dentists and dental technicians who are interested to participate in this exhibition. Contact to our sales representatives who will visit you if you plan to participate in this exhibition. We can help you with accommodation in Cologne for the period of the exhibition, as well as on the purchase of entrance tickets to the exhibition.

Septodont Seminar

Invitation of company Jiloi Ahtar LLC, came to our country a dentist from Israel Dr. Kasem, who has many years of successful experience working with the products of the famous French company Septodont,. 07.19.2016 Dr. Kassem held a theoretical and practical seminar on the application of the materials of Septodont in surgical practice. The seminar aroused great interest from our dentists, both beginners and experienced.

Our company will try to conduct such seminars more often with the participation of experienced clinicians from abroad to develop dentistry in Tajikistan.

Participation in the International Dental Show 2015 in Cologne

From 10 to March 14, 2015 held a regular dental exhibition in Cologne

For our company, it was a great opportunity to get acquainted with all the innovations of the dental industry, to meet with our partners from Europe, Australia, America and Asia.

We conducted a large number of meetings with new companies and were able to conclude of new contracts. This will allow us to satisfy a wide range of requests from our dentists. It was also agreed to hold a series of seminars and workshops for dentists and technicians in Tajikistan.

Dental Association of the Republic of Tajikistan 2013

Dental Association of the Republic of Tajikistan with the support of the Government and the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Tajikistan conducts 2-3 October 2013 III-rd Congress of the Republic of dentists on the topic: ” Current advancements in dentistry and dental implantation.” The Congress will bring together the countries of near and far abroad.

he congress is held once every three years, which will bring together all doctors of country in the field of dentistry.
In the framework of the Congress is held Dental Exhibition, “Master Class» with the participation of world famous dental manufacturers.

Dental Association of the Republic of Tajikistan


The company Jiloi Ahtar LLC invites all dentists to a presentation new products for restoration of teeth  and whitening from the world-renowned manufacturer of dental materials company Ultradent (USA), which operates in the global market for more than 25 years, this company has won the trust of about 100 countries.

The presentation will be held at the Central Scientific Research Institute “Dentistry” at Dushanbe 13 Khujandi str., 5th passage 28.04.2013 at 13:00.
We will be glad to see you!
Administration of the Company “Jiloi Ahtar” LLC
For detail information please call: +992935243399



Completed the largest international dental show in Cologne. It was truly a great event for the organizers and the participants. And for our delegation and it’s been four days of hard work. We received a huge amount of information about the latest achievements of world dental industry, conducted a large number of meetings with many famous companies. This work resulted in the Tajik market for dental materials will be expanded to upscale production companies as Ultradent (USA),  Centrix (USA),  Coltene (Switzerland), with whom we have entered into contracts at the exhibition. The next step in talks with other well-known companies from Japan, Sweden, Germany and Australia. We hope that our efforts were not in vain and dentists and dental technicians in our country will always be able to use the highest quality materials and tools. A series of workshops that will guide our new partners for Tajik dentists will keep the bar dental care to its proper height.